Handicrafts know no borders
Handicrafts are an important part of our cultural heritage. In a multicultural society many people bring with them traditions from different parts of the world, some of them unique and some surprisingly similar to the traditions of the new country. We want to hand down our shared cultural heritage to future generations. HEMSLÖJDEN I SMÅLAND is a meeting-place without borders for different cultures, where making something by hand is the common language. Handicrafts can bring people together.
Handicrafts are sustainable
In the constant endeavour for development towards a sustainable society, many have begun to discover the importance of handicrafts. Handicrafts have become a way of taking a stance. An expression of a desire to live in a sustainable way, in several senses of the word. Handicrafts use natural materials and re-used materials. Handicrafts provide knowledge about how to make things that last. Handicrafts are resource efficient and can also act as models for production and processes on a larger scale.
Handicrafts are the natural way forward
Because handicrafts are about being able to make the things you need yourself, they are a way of solving problems independently. They create a sense of context, belonging and roots in the world by building on the long traditions of handicrafts. Furthermore, they fill people’s everyday lives with wellbeing, beauty and creative joy. The Hemslöjden organisation wants to raise awareness that it exists and is here for everyone.